The Rhone


This morning was a very early morning. We had a quick breakfast , this time at the marina, then jumped straight on the sea monkey with Jeff a Laura and road 30 minutes to salt island. We parked at the marine Rhone park and briefed. We learned a lot about the 300 foot Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Rhone and how it crash in 1867. It was a mail ship and as one of the fastest most impressive ship of its day it became a cruise ship. For 45$ people for all over could board the ship for months at a time. The ship sunk because of a hurricane that started of the Atlantic coast. It first crash in to the “can opener” a big sharp rock that took a chunk out of the front and the cold ocean water flooded into the engine room; this made the engine explode. There were 23 survivors and 22 of them were crew members. The one passenger that survived was an Italian man who stayed in cabin 26. The port hole of his cabin is still in tact and on the sea floor, rubbing it three times is good luck. After the amazing Rhone dives we headed to copper island 10 mins from salt island and had fish and chip at cooper island beach club, where we learned about the amazing Eco advancements in the BVIs. After that we finished the day with a calm snorkel around cooper island where I saw an eagle ray and many barracudas and more spiky sea urchins.