Blog Day 2 (7/16/17)


Today was full of ups and downs. First we went to Ginger steps and dove down. A lot of people on my boat, the Sea Monkey, got sick before the dive due to how wavy it was out on the water. Luckily I was not one of those people, and I got to go down and explore, where we saw 3 sharks. However, as cool as that was, our group was really distracted and seemed to not know what we were doing. On top of all that, I “lost” my dive slate, which made things complicated. We then had a talk with our group and our dive instructor Becca. We talked about the things we could improve on and we talked in detail about what we actually needed to do so that things weren’t so hectic underwater as they were on the first dive. We then went over to Ginger Island Backside and lost one of the divers in our group due to sea sickness, and we then had to fully complete our task with only 3 people, whereas before we had 4 divers. We dove down and got everything situated in under 20 minutes, and we then surveyed the 12×12 ft. area for algae and coral coverage. We were then able to actually swim around and explore because we were so much more efficient in our time management and we actually knew what we were doing. Becca was really impressed with us after that dive, and we were all really proud of ourselves, and also I think Becca was pretty happy I didn’t lose the slate again. After that we had a great boat ride home full of my classic rock playlist where everyone on the top deck of the boat sang along to songs. At lunch we had to do push-ups because someone from both boats forgot to put the dust cap on the regulator assemblies while putting everything up. Once we got back we got a little rest and then we took a hike to the baths. It was absolutely gorgeous and I was amazed at all the little hidden places we went through. We then had a very intense snorkel back led by Zoltan, the Captain of the Sea Dragon, who barely anyone could keep up with. After all that we rested again and ate dinner amnd went down to the beach and we had fun playing Frisbie and trying to get people to dive into the water to catch the Frisbies. Finally, we came back in to the internet room and watched a movie on coral which really opened my eyes to the importance and significance of coral for the environment and the planet. Tomorrow we aim to finish our project and make both of our dives as smooth as our second one today, and possibly even smoother and quicker. I look forward to getting to know my Jesuit brothers better and better everyday this week, as I have already bonded with so many of the people on the trip who I had never really talked to before. I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to come on this trip and it’s been great so far. The