Day 2


We woke up at 7:15 for breakfast at 7:45 in another groups cabin. After breakfast we went back and Grabbed our scuba gear for the project dives.  The two dive sites we went to were Ginger steps and Ginger’s backside.  One of my favorite parts of the trip so far is traveling out to the dive sites because of the amazing scenery that is even better than the pictures. For our projects we went to cleaning stations and counted the different fish that visited them. The type of cleaning stations were operated by cleaning wrasse and cleaning goby. We even saw multiple reef sharks during the second dive. After the dives we came back to Virgin Gorda and got ready for a hike and snorkeling. The place where we hiked and snorkeled is called the baths. It was called the baths for two reasons a historical and scientific reason.The historical reason was that slave traders would make their slaves bathe because of the location and also over thousands of years gas pockets formed and caused erosion. After the hike and snorkel we had dinner which consisted of spaghetti and meatballs which was very satisfying. After dinner we went to the beach and played with frisbees and after the beach we watched a documentary about coral bleaching and how it is happening all over the world. Watching it really changed my perspective because before the trip I did not understand that it was happening all over the world and it was due too a slight change in the ocean temperature.