Full day 1


The day started as most, with the majority of the roommates waking to the alarm. Our breakfast was a “hearty” bowl of apple jacks, honeybuns, and a granola bar. We took our boat, the mighty sea dragon, our to our dive sites today. We went on two free dives today. On our first dive, we went through a series of refesher excerises including clearing our ears, clearing our mask, and taking our mask off and clearing it again. We went around the reef and just explored the different corals and fish. We saw a lot of fan corals and other brain corals. We saw a little bit of fire coral but we were not worried about touching it as our dive master made it easily recognizable. We saw a multitude of fish including parrotfish, angelfish, and wrasse. We saw a spotted moray eel in a coral which was really cool. All went really smoothly and before we knew it we were at our decompression stop. We took a thirty minute break in between dives and swam off the boat and had a snack. Then, when out time was up, we went back down at a new place, famously known as the Chimney. We saw a lot of the same fish and coral, but the difference in amount of coral at the chimney was incredible. There was thousands of coral as far as the eye can see. It is called the chimney because there is a channel with a gap about two feet wide brimming with coral. Inside it, we saw a nurse shark and a massive school of fish. It was a magnificent sight. I learned about some new types of fish including the parrotfish and the tobacco fish as well as the possibility of different coral formations. Tomorrow, I look forward to starting our project and exploring a new dive site.