Vincent Miranda Day 6


Today was our last day of adventure in the British Virgin Islands, and to begin the end we started with our shortened day of service. To kick it off we went down to the Marina and walked along the beach where we found ourselves diving into the deep blue in order to snorkel over to the wreck site of a yacht that recently crashed and the debris had washed ashore. The goal of going to the site was to pick up as much debris and trash as possible from the shoreline and put it in bags to load onto a small wooden barge that our dive masters drove over with a small craft. After successfully filling the barge it was deemed unusable, so unfortunately for us we had to call it a day afterwards, but the upside to it was that we were able to remove some of the largest pieces and various other debris. After a long trek back we devoured a meal at a nearby grill and had the opportunity to shop to our hearts content until our taxi arrived. The rest of the day was granted to us as free time, and we we went down to the beach to enjoy the waves for a little while longer. The day carried on as we played frisbee, slept, and connected with loved ones through wifi, and to end the night we were able to go to a nice restaurant near the shore named Mermaid’s. The place had a fantastic view and the buffet was phenomenal combined with the fact that the water swarmed with massive Tarpin to make the experience incredible. The night ended with a beautifully done slideshow made by Casey our lead dive master which was fabulous and afterwards we thanked everyone, headed up to the cabins, and packed our bags for the long journey back to Dallas.