Final Day – Cole Morin


Today was our last day living in paradise, and I will be extremely sad to have to leave tomorrow. Part of the day is dedicated to service and the other is a relaxation time. Our service site was on the shoreline where a big sailboat had gone astray off a mooring ball, and ran ashore. We collected all the little pieces into trash bags and we put the larger pieces of the boat on a small floating barge. We worked through some of the problems that arose while working like fire coral, sea urchins, and slippery rocks. We got to clean up a good chunk of the wreckage, but we were limited due to the stability of the barge. We had a fun snorkel to the site and back passing small fish and some jelly fish. When we finished our service, we had the rest of the day to relax and play on the beach. We had a big frisbee game, and one of the rules was that if you dropped the frisbee, then you had to swim to a big rock and back. We played various frisbee games for about 4 hours. The rest of our free time was spent sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in and out. That night was the big buffet, and farewell to the Dive BVI staff. Casey put together an awesome video that showed all of the crazy things that went on during the week we had. We enjoyed some good laughs and fed some tarpon that would eat anything that was put in front of them. I wish we had more time to stay, and learn about the different things in the ocean that we couldn’t cover in the short time we had there.