Day 3: RMS Rhone, Ginger Steps, and Night Snorkel


Today has been my favorite day so far. We started the day off like every other day with cereal, eggs, sausage, and fruit. After we finished our meal we got on the taxi and headed down to the marina to start our jam packed day. We were told our first dive site would be the RMS Rhone. I have been looking forward to this part the most so I became very excited to finally go. We were taught that it crashed during a horrible hurricane after it couldn’t pull up its anchor at a dock. The Rhone split right in half. All 23 crew members survived except for the captain and one passenger survived as well. It has been told that the ghost of captain Willie may tug on your shirt while under water to let you know that this is still his boat. Luckily, I never felt a tug. We were also told that the mast was sticking out of the water and the cruise ships asked to take it down because they didn’t want their passengers to be scared. So then, the navy took dynamite and instead of just laying the amount they needed, they laid down all they were given. This lead to the front of the boat exploding into many pieces. Once we finally got down their I could see they huge rusty boat covered in coral and sea life. I marveled at the amazing boat and the history behind it. We then swam through the boat which was really cool. As we came out the boat we saw the 15ft propeller used to move the boat. Right above the propeller, a huge spotted eagle Ray passed over our heads. We then rubbed lucky porthole #26 3 times clockwise for good luck. After we emptied our tanks at the RMS Rhone we can back up and took a break. We then were told we going to a place called Ginger Steps. We were told this is where most sharks are seen. We descend down, making sure there wasn’t a shark lurking below us and began our dive. Once we came across our first shark I became very excited since sharks are my favorite animal. After we chased around a 5ft Caribbean reef shark we came back up to the top. We ate lunch at Cooper Island and had some amazing fish and chips and some gelato to top it off. After we finished, we went snorkeling around Cooper Island and saw some sea turtles, stingrays, and I chased around a barracuda for a while. After everyone finished snorkeling we headed back and got some rest before dinner. We had chicken wraps and steak wraps for dinner on the beach. After we finished dinner we were entertained by a dance competition of people who had forgotten things during the trip. After we had enough of the ‘dancing’ we got ready for our night snorkel. The night snorkel was much different from a normal day snorkel. I saw a lot of lobster and a couple octopuses. Tomorrow we get to chase around turtles