Day 2 – Cole Morin


Day two started off great with our journey out to ginger island. As soon as we dropped to 30 feet we were surprised by a friendly little Caribbean reef shark. Our journey continued down another 10 feet and that’s when we got the chance to get really close to the three sharks circling David Madrazo, and Preston Sledge. We started to make our way down ginger steps and I saw a couple trumpet fish, and one of their faces turned purple while the rest of the body stayed brown. We had to come up a little earlier than we would have wanted because of low air, but on our way up we came across a decently sized porcupine fish. We then made our way to the backside of ginger island to undergo our first project dive. We played around the reef and saw many colorful fish. It was especially hard to stay below the water as Preston Sledge and I figured out when we almost broke the surface a couple times. We gathered more data than we had expected to measure when we were on the boat. We cleaned up the boat and headed for lunch, and we threw the frisbee into the water to watch everyone attempt to make a diving catch. After we got tiered playing frisbee, we set up for the beach cabin games. Our team name was the Curious Case of the Benjamin Kirby’s or CCOTBK’s for short. We came out of the gate strong taking second place in the water balloon dodge ball. Then we started to fall behind taking last place finishes in the rest of the events. We had a good time when we watched everyone shimmy down the coconut oil filled water slide. We watched everyone turn themselves into sugar cookies by barrel rolling down a sandy hill while covered in coconut oil and sea water. We then showered and nearly missed the taxi to the church. We had a good time at church accompanied by a great view of the marina and the ocean. After mass we got to have a great dinner with ice cream and fire dancers. I especially enjoyed the dancers because one of them saw how much I enjoyed fire and wanted to see how close he could get to me with the flaming balls. I still believe that he wanted to singe the tips of my leg hairs.