Day 5 – coral replanting


Another long night of fraternizing and staying awake pointlessly and the cabins one by one went to sleep after splitting up. I slept very well and woke up just in time to leave to meet with everyone, maximizing my sleep and obviously skipping the planned workout due to unexpected soreness from yesterday’s run. Somewhat energized from extra sleep, the clan went to breakfast. After, the plan of attack for coral planting was to be enacted, sending the Marine 1 students to the old reef to collect coral samples and sending marine 2 to fine tune the plan. We made a panorama using 360 degree screenshots to efficiently mark potential spots for a coral to be planted, bringing method to the madness. We soon set out, prepped our gear, and left for the new site of the Jesuit reef. The plan was divided into three executions: to clean the areas for coral, bringing epoxy to the site and forming holds for the coral, and bringing the actual coral for planting and eventually measuring. All went well until we came to the epoxy, which dried unexpectedly quick. Therefore, we had to use extra epoxy directly to the corals before it dried, draining our supply of it. 8 corals were secured and the rest were nested as securely as possible to allow for possible growth. After the plan was completed, we relaxed and left for the land, awaiting an anticipated dinner of pizza and some chilling.