In BVI, you watch camera.


So today started well, with the roosters waking me up early at exactly six in the morning. Once I got out of bed, I jumped into the shower and prepared myself for the work ahead. We headed out for breakfast at 8:00, chatting and enjoying the morning breeze. After a great breakfast of a bacon omelet and toast, which was very filling and delicious, us Marine 2 boys went into the Dive BVI’s offices and began working to understand and practice setting up our camera. We managed to get everything set up without incident, except for some Ethernet cables being bent, which we successfully fixed after talking to a specialist. Once we successfully turned on the camera, and took turns controlling it through a laptop, we ate lunch and picked up our scuba gear and prepared to set sail for our adventure. We headed out to Baraka Point, where we went over where we would set up the camera, and which teams would lay and hide the cables to the camera, which team would set up the Long Distance Repeater, and which team would set up the camera. Christian and myself volunteered to go and lay down the cable. So after a long swim over to the camera site, we took off our scuba gear and snorkeled over to the rocky beach. Once there we climbed up the rocks and reached the topmost rock, which was just below a patio. Once at the top, we soon discovered that the topmost rock was electric, and would send a light current of electricity through us and numb our hands as we climbed it. We managed to overcome, because we are super tough men, and successfully led the cables down and hid them among the rocks. As I was putting some cable under a rock in the water, I slipped and got my pinkie toe stabbed by a sea urchin. The thing was a total jerk. After a single tear, I moved onwards and went on to help my comrades in completing the camera setup. And by help, I mean float above them while they worked and dive down to try and either hide or extend the cable a little more to reach the LDR. Once we finished setting up the camera, and had a victory cheer, we headed back to the boats and sailed quickly back to island. Once back, we unloaded our gear and were bussed back to the cabins to shower and get all prepped for dinner. Dinner was some island barbecue, which was great, and we tried to get the camera to work, but the wireless setting was being buggy, so we couldn’t see our handiwork tonight. This ends today, and we just have sweet, humid dreams of diving between us and tomorrow’s adventure. Also some intense games of spoons. People go crazy during spoons.

Just a few of the fish found around the camera site.


And the sunset.