Day 3- Fish Identification, Great Dog Dive, and Night Snorkel


This morning, to the bafflement of my ears, I was awaken by not Mr. Kirby’s soothing voice, but Rihanna’s “We Found Love” blaring from his iPad. However, apart from this oddity today was the best day in the BVI yet. First as usual, we started the day with some mouthwatering bacon-infused breakfast. Laura, one of our many talented dive instructors and also British, taught us about about fish identification and the many species of fish, mollusks, etc. We were eager to put what we had just learned into practice so we hit the sandy shore and began snorkeling and searching for the species we had just discussed. When we had finished, we sat down to a sandwich lunch. While we had been leisurely snorkeling, the dive staff had been searching for interesting marine life to show us and teach us about. These included the arrow crab, a sea pearl, urchins, a jellyfish, and a lettuce leaf sea slug. Casey McNutt, possessing a vast amount of knowledge on marine life taught us about the important characteristics each species had, and the reasons for having them. After throwing the frisbee some in the shore, we headed to the marina where we would set off for my best diving experience yet. Sea Dragon, captained by Casey, and clearly the better dive boat, arrived at Great Dog island first. We hopped in the water, descended, and began our adventure. Once again Casey immediately started spotting interesting marine life including corals, an eel, a turtle, and a fire worm. We were hovering over some rocks when Mrs. McNutt began writing “fire worm” on her underwater slate. Seconds later after she had flipped over TWO rocks she had found one, illustrating that she cannot only spot marine life, but also sense marine life. She taught us how to hover inverted and described our practicing as “too awesome.” We then headed to mass at a small, peaceful church on top of a hill. After that, we showered and went to dinner,prepared by Chef Jeff at Guavaberry beach. Dinner was delicious and comprised of burgers and bratwurst. Finally, to end the day, Casey, the energizer bunny always ready for adventure took us on a night snorkel where we saw an octopus, several lobsters, and stingrays. All in all, a very fun day that will probably only be rivaled by tomorrows all day diving.

Photocred: Mr. Kirby