Community Bath Barbecue Night Snorkel Day


Today was an early day, with a 7:45 breakfast so we could get to our service sight. The community service was hard but great. We painted and prepare a wall for a mural to be painted and hauled soil to plant palm trees and make the city a little more beautiful. I started as a shoveler and hauler and drifted towards the paint. This was the best part because me and Joe Payne cheer stunted Jillian and lifted him to paint the edges of the wall. We held him for 20 minutes it was exhausting. But thanks to Casey’s awesome breakfast I could bare through it. After the community service We headed home for showers. I took my shower and then laid out side on our deck and fell asleep this was the most relaxed I had been all week. I was woken by my alarm and got ready to head to the baths. The baths are cave like structures formed by boulders I felt like was in a movie. They were beautiful calm and the water ps was too clear. Casey lead the best tour of the baths and after that we snorkeled to our beach for a beach barbecue we hung out swam relaxed and ate delicious burgers made by the best chef Jeff. The dinner was great and I taught tanner how to do a back-handspring which he did successfully. As the night was wearing down and the sun had set we began to brief for our night snorkel. It was pitch black and the stars were shining we got many flash light and snorkeled around the area. This was by far the best dive. I was very scary watch for the night fish and the urchins were out to feed so I was on my gaurs at all times. We saw a squid a ray an octopus and a Tarpin that looked like a shark. I got a lot of great pics and am now exhausted this was the most successful day and I can’t wait to see how my picture turned out. Thanks dive BVI!!