Day Seventeen: Last Day In the BVI!!!


Today, we enjoyed our last day by doing many things. The day started out with us waking up and heading straight for the marina. There we ate a quick breakfast of donuts and soon started our work at VISAR, which is the Virgin Island Search and Rescue. We all participated in various tasks such as washing out the boat, cleaning the equipment, and also painting a shed. I helped paint the shed and wore this paint-protection suit that made me look like a marshmellow. Although it was a little hot, painting wasn’t that bad, and I was glad to help out. When we all finished our jobs, we saw various demonstrations on things VISAR does like using the stretcher or giving CPR. We then walked over to the marina and went into the Dive BVI shop for the final time. After looking around for a bit, we got in the taxi and went back to the resort. Next, we walked down to a beach nearby to swim and go snorkeling. This was really fun because we got to relax and also saw many fish in the water. We later walked back and waited until we had to get ready for mass. Once we were all ready in our church clothes, we got in the taxi and drove up to the church. It was up at the top of the hill and had an amazing view. The mass was nice and it just consisted of the preist and us. With the mass finished, we left for our banquet at the Mine Shaft. The dinner was very nice and consisted of a buffet of salad, chicken, and ribs. It started out though with a slideshow of pictures from throughout the week. While we were eating, we all got up for a second to see the space shuttle flying in the sky. It was pretty quick, but cool to see. After this, we finished out the dinner eating chocolate cake and receiving certificates for what we did during the week. The night ended with us taking pictures with our dive instructors and also saying our farewells before heading to the resort to watch a movie.

This week has been great and I want to thank the Dive BVI staff for all their help to make it so wonderful. I also want to thank Mr. Kirby and Dr. Gruninger for putting up with us for three weeks and also making the class so much fun. I can’t wait to come back to the BVI again!!!!!