Blog Post Day 2


I dived two times and snorkeled once today and saw an abundance of colorful fish. I saw different species of parrotfish: spotlight parrotfish, princess parrotfish, and red and parrotfish. I saw them all both the initial and terminal types. While looking at one of the terminal spotlight parrotfish I saw it poop which was gross and interesting because I learned that the poop from parrotfish is actually sand particles. The next types of fish I saw were wrasse, I saw both bluehead and yellowhead wrasse. Being one of the most common species of fish found in the Caribbean I am not that surprised I saw some. I also saw one hogfish and that fish was massive with three little prongs sticking out of its head. I also saw squirrel fish, blue tang, banded butterflyfish, sergeant major, foureye butterflyfish, schools of french grunt. Some of the most beautiful and coolest marine animals I saw today were yellow goatfish, honeycombed cowfish, hawksbill turtle, lion fish, lobster, and both french and queen angelfish. The goatfish were really interesting to look at because of their long whiskers that hung down from their chin. I was curious about what the “whiskers” do so I looked it up and found that they are used for digging in the sand in order to look for small food. The honeycombed cowfish was and odd looking fish I saw snorkeling. I had no idea what type of fish it was at first so I went up to the dive shop and looked at the fish cards to find the name of my mystery fish. Seeing the hawksbill was probably the highlight of my the whole day because of how calm and chill the turtle was just swimming along right besides us watching it not even phased. Then I saw two lion fish, an invasive species of fish to the Caribbean, these fish are pretty but very bad for the environment. I was surprised but happy to only see two lion fish because last time I was at the caymans in 6th grade there were so many lion fish, they were extremely common. I am glad there are less of them now because that means divers have done a good job at killing them off. While snorkeling I saw a lobster hiding under a rock, this lobster was huge and did not have any claws which surprised me because I thought most lobsters had claws, I guess I was wrong. The last fish I saw were angel fish, my favorite type of fish because of how pretty they are. The queen angel fish are different from other fish because of how they either only swim solo or in a pair. When two queen angelfish are swimming in a pair that means they mated and unlike most other fish queen angelfish mate for life. I am looking forward to go to the turtle farm tomorrow because I really wanna snorkel with the turtles, I cannot wait.