Final Day


My last day in the bvi with marine biology was great. We started the day with breakfast and another ride from glen, who I will actually miss very much. Glen took us to Virgin Gorda’s local elementary-high school for our service project. For our service project we worked to help beautify the schools landscaping. This entailed digging a trench, creating flower beds and shoveling dirt. The work was actually very difficult and contributed to ripping my hand open by yielding a pick axe for to long. Even though the work was quite tiring it was very gratifying. The school does look a lot better from just the one days work that we did. After the service project we headed back home for two hours of free time before we started presentations. During the free time I took a much needed nap. After awaking from my slumber my group presented our project to ms. Matthews and the dive bvi staff. The presentation went well and afterwards we all got ready for our final dinner. The dinner was not at the same place as last year, but it was still very tasty. Following dinner was the video presentation of our week here on the island and it was very fun to see what all we had done. After the video we talked with Beth, who was our groups dive master and mentor. Beth is a amazing lady and I hope one day I can dive with her again, she really helped me become a better diver and made our whole week a lot better. I am thankful we had Beth as our group leader and she is reading this thank you so much for the best week of my life it truly was fun to be on the water with you every day. After our last talk with Beth we said our goodbyes and headed back home with Glen. It was sad to leave the dive team but I’m ready to come home. This week was amazing in every aspect and I hope one day I’ll be able to come back to the bvi and dive again.