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Sandcastles and Summits

Yesterday we helped out with a conservation project and went to the top of Mauna Kea. We helped conserve an Anchialine pool, which is a small pool by the ocean, by building sandcastles. Anchialine pools are essentially coastal ponds with underground connections to the ocean. However, an accumulation of sand has rendered many pools uninhabitable for...

Submarines and Mollusks

Today we saw an aquaculture site, observed abalones being grown, and saw some neat things underwater with a submarine. Aquaculture is when you grow and cultivate food underwater. We saw fish being raised on special diets to taste better and have a less significant impact on the environment. This is to prevent the ecosystem from being upset by human...

Snorkel Trip

Today we went on a snorkel trip in two groups. We saw manta rays and whales, and even swam with dolphins. I learned about Spinner Dolphins, which can grow to about human size and spin when they jump out of the ocean. I also learned about captain Cook, who first discovered Hawaii. He was a...

Our First Hawaiian Dive

Today we went on our first dive as a group. I dove on the first tank and snorkeled on the second. Afterward, we had lunch and helped out at the seal rescue hospital by observing the seal's actions for ten minutes. Then we were briefed on what black water diving is and how to do it. Today I learned...

OTEC, Seals and Rope Swings

Today we got to see conservation efforts in Hawaii and go on a hike. We saw a presentation on OTEC, saw a grape farm, learned about seals, and hiked down to a black sand beach. I learned about OTEC, which uses water temperature to generate electricity, how to teach a seal how to eat, and how to grow grapes...

Hopes for Hawaii

I am very excited for the manta ray dive and harp seal rescue efforts. I love interacting with and observing animals, especially sea life.

In Class Blog Post

I am very excited to swim with marine life, such as rays or dolphins. I like animals a lot and am very interested in seeing them for myself.