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Joshua Marshall '18

Day 6

Day 6, Today we ur where able to sleep in an extra 30 minutes because breakfast wasn't until 7:30 at jasmine cabin the last of they'd cabins. At breakfast Doc bought us all Giant Donuts that we the size of plate. After breakfast, the group went to do community service with Casey and Jeff on the beach. The service was...

Day 5

Day 5, Today we woke up and ate at lime cabin, who beat us in the games. We ate the usual nutritional breakfast, but with a new addition of bagel and jellies. Then we go on the taxi, where Glen took us to the dock where we loaded up on the Sea Dragon the best boat, and headed to the...

Day 4 

Day 4, Today was my cabins turn to serve breakfast so we woke up around 6:20 to set up breakfast for the whole group. We set up the cereal boxes to spell plum because that was our cabin. Then we went to Bronco Billy on the best boat Sea Dragon. At Bronco Billy I had a very hard time with...

Day 2 

Day 2, We woke up early like the day before and went to eat at the hibiscus cabin. Hibiscus is the teachers cabin and they start off the week cooking breakfast for everyone. Each morning the cooking duty is changed from cabin to cabin. Then we left for our two dives for the day on the best boat sea dragon....

Day one 

Day One,   My day started early when we woke up at 6:20 to make it to breakfast, with all the correct materials we needed for the day. We waited for our driver Glen to take us to the Marina where we would eat as a group. They had a really good breakfast consisting of amazing eggs and bacon. Then after...


I am most excited about going back to the clear waters in the bvi and going scuba diving.