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Blog 6

Since we had a knight snorkel we had to cut it out of our blogs last knight since it was going to end late. Sadly since I had an ear infection I didn't go on it to make my ear infection worse. Because I didn't go on it me and my group, lil boat, had more time...

Blog 5 

The first dive we did today was an alternative dive since our first planned dive to the rhone was canceled. It was canceled because the currents were to strong. Instead we went back to the dive place yesterday where we saw sharks. But then for the second dive we went back to the rhone which is...

My first 3 blogs 

For the first day of marine biology we woke up at 7 and went to a cafe near where our boat was for breakfast. Then when we finished we went on our first dive to redo some diving skills. Our second dive was to identify as much fish as possible. Then we went to lunch at...

Blog 4 

The day started off with plum serving breakfast in fashion with Teddy setting the cereal boxes in the word formation plum.  After the fashionable breakfast lil boat group went to to our last study dive.  We got the results that we wanted which was nice and since we were done with our study dives lil boat group was able...

About Me

My name is Lucas, and I am excited for week one in the BVI to see new creatures.