Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Davis Kepple '17

Davis Kepple '17

Davis Kepple- Day 5

Today was probably my favorite day of the entire trip. We woke up to yet another cereal and muffin breakfast overlooking the ocean and the beautiful islands on the horizon. We began the day getting on the board with the plan of diving the famous RMS Rhone twice. We ended up diving in Wreck Alley instead because the current...

Davis Kepple- Day 4

Today began yet again with a beautiful view and breakfast at a cabin. After this, we headed down to the marina and set out gear up. We had three dives scheduled for the day. Our first dove was at a site called "Ginger's Backside". This was a gorgeous dive where we took data for our research project. We saw...

Davis Kepple- Day 3

     Today was action packed and I had a great time. We started the day serving breakfast at our cabin while enjoying an amazing view of the ocean. Next we hit the ocean in our boat to record data for our experiments. When we went down, we set up a perimeter and began counting fish in our zone....

Blog Day 2

 Today was another amazing unique experience. We started off the day with a nice breakfast with a gorgeous view. I started the day searching for invertebrates by a shallow reef. Harrison and I snorkeled out to the deep edges and saw some very cool things. We saw several types of coral and fish accompanying them. My favorite moment was...

Davis Kepple- Day 1

     Today was the first time I have ever been diving before. It was an incredible experience. I saw way more than I ever expected. Everywhere I looked there were vibrant corals with fish all around them. I saw fish ranging from paper clip sized wrasse to 4 foot snappers. Some specific fish that stood out to me...


Hello, my name is Davis Kepple. I am very excited to learn about the BVI and the ocean as a whole. I am excited to learn about the ocean environment and the importance of studying and protecting it.