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Noah Patton '16

Noah Patton '16

Day 6- Last day in the BVI

Monday, on our last day in the BVI, we were able to sleep in a little in the morning in preparation for our day at the beach. We headed over to have breakfast and then we were on our way to clean up the beach. The beach we arrived at to clean up was near the airport and was...

Day 5- Coral Transplantation

Today we started off the day by heading over to long bay to harvest the coral fragments we would use to transplant at the new reef location. We were briefed on the type of coral, stag horn, we would be looking for, and the condition that the coral should be in to harvest. We were told that what we...

Day 4- A dive through the Rhone

Yesterday we started off the day by receiving a lesson on sea turtles and the different kinds that are around the world such as, the green sea turtle, hawksbill, and leatherback turtles. Dr. Gore explained to us the dangers for sea turtles, where they are found, their numbers, the technique used to catch them, and what happens when a...

Day 2- 2 dives and and an afternoon snorkel

On our second day in the BVI, I was once again awoken by the all natural sound of a crowing rooster in the morning. We then moved down to the front of the property to catch our ride to breakfast at the marina. After we all finished breakfast we moved onto to the boat to start our dives for...

Day 1- A first day of scuba

On our first full day in the BVI, our cabin woke up this morning around 6:30 to the all natural sound of a rooster crowing. After this, we met up at the front of the property, where we then went to go meet and talk with Tina, the owner of the property. We then moved on to go and...

Noah Patton

The reason I joined marine biology is because I have always been interested in marine life. I have also always been interested in biology, and biology was my favorite class freshman year. I'm eager to use and apply what I learn in the class out in the real world.