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Joseph Parks '16

Joseph Parks '16

Final 2 Days

Thursday was our first day out of water in a while. After a late start and breakfast at the teachers' cabins, we headed out to ??? beach. We each received a trash bag and were instructed to clean up about a quarter of a mile stretch of the beach. To be frank, the place was in rough shape. Five...

Day 4

After a breakfast at the teachers' cabins, we ventured down to the dock to start the day with turtle tagging. Here, we listened to Joelle, a government official, describe his job. He explained the benefits of tagging turtles, such as allowing people to track their migratory, feeding, and reproducing patterns. He then explained our job for the day. This...

Day 2 & Day 3

On Sunday, we put to use our recent knowledge of marine life by doing two fish identification dives. The first place we went to was Paul's Grotto. The ocean floor was set up with several plateaus that dropped off suddenly. On this dive we saw the most marine life we had seen yet, including some fairy basslet, honeycomb cowfish,...

Day 1

We began the day by going to the classroom and eating breakfast. After that, Casey began teaching us about the importance of Marine Biology, especially how it can affect the economy. She gave us multiple scenarios to test our sympathy for marine life. For example, Joseph and Hank engaged in a debate on whether Sea-world was morally correct or...

Marine Biology

Joey Parks It seemed fun and informative.