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Matthew Megarity '16

Our last day

Our final day in the BVI started off good since we were able to sleep in until 8:45. After eating our breakfast at the teachers cabin, we headed to our worksite for the day. Our job for the day was to clean up a section of beach near us. We stayed there for over an hour cleaning up any...

Turtle Tagging

Today, turtle taging was our big project. Our group caught a Hawksbill sea turtle, and almost caught a Green sea turtle. When we were out there, some people held onto ropes tied to the boat looking for turtles while some stayed on the boat to help spot turtles. After the turtle was caught and brought aboard the ship, we...

Our 2nd and 3rd days in Paradise

On Sunday morning, we again got to wake up at 7:00 am and meet at 7:45 for breakfast. Afterwards, we prepared our equipment and left to our divesite at West Seal Dog. The two dives for the day were focused towards fish identification. In my group, we named over 30 species of fish. Some that were my favorite to...

The first day of our adventure

On our first day today, I got woken up at 7:00 am by the glorious noise of a rooster. We had a while to get ready in the morning, then we all met up at our taxi bus thing. We rode there until we reached the people of dive BVI. We then had breakfast and played games for...

Matthew Megarity

I wanna go for the trip and the senior science credit.