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Michael Bowen '16

Log 6, Day 7 and 8, Marine Bio – 07/31/14

We were able to sleep in late Thursday, about 8:30. We were done with our water activities for the week and the last big thing for us to do was the beach clean up. We all headed to the teacher's cabin for a quick breakfast and after, it was straight to the beach. We got to the beach and...

Log 5, Day 6, Marine Bio – 07/30/14

We got up around 7:15 and met at the cattle guard at 7:45 where Glenn picked us up to go to breakfast. The cheesy omelet filled with bacon and sausage I had today was good, but lacked the quality taste of some of the other breakfast omelets I've had this week. Anyway, we headed to the boats to get...

Log 3, Day 5, Marine Bio – 07/29/14

A rise around 8:00 in the morning was a gift and we all needed it. We then headed to breakfast at the teachers cabin where we had homemade bread and other snacks. After, we went to the marina and met Joel, the turtle man, who explained to us the how the tagging of turtles worked. Some of the key...

Log 2, Day 3 and 4, Marine Bio – 07/28/14

We woke up around 6:45 Sunday morning and threw on our swimsuits that we knew we were going to be in for a majority of the day. We headed to breakfast at the marina and right after, we went to our boats to get ready for the two dives. The Sea Monkey and the Sea Dragon split up and...

Log 1, Day 1, Marine Bio – 07/26/14

Arriving at DFW airport at 6:00 A.M. was brutal, but we knew it would be well worth it because of the exciting trip ahead of us. As a group, we went through security, hung out, which included riding the Skylink and losing a wallet, and then boarded our American Airlines plane to Miami. Once in Miami, we were...

Marine Bio

Michael Bowen I want to scuba dive in a new environment.