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Ryan Black '16

Day 4

Waking up at 8 am, a welcoming change, we begin our day with a quick lunch here. After, we continue with our day. Half of use go to tag sea turtles and the other go learn about invertebrates. I went turtle tagging, perhaps one of the most interesting things I've done in my life. Joel the marine...

July 28 day 2 and 3

July 28 Eating breakfast of the dock of the marina, the day begins. The first dive for our group was Paul's grotto. The dives must increment each time because this dive was better than the last. We saw and touched moon jelly, supposedly a none stinging jellyfish. The coral and marine plants varied in color and shape immensely. Seeing...

Day 1 bvi Ryan Black

Day 1 Arrived at the class room first thing in the morning, then Proceeded to go over the whole agenda for the week. The first activity included a debate involving the controversy over sea world's captive orcas. The arguments were that sea world gave people a chance to see things that they would otherwise not see, therefore giving them...

Why I took marine biology

I took this course because I have always wanted to go scuba diving and learn more about the coral reefs. I have been snorkeling many times and always enjoyed it. I want to go a step farther now.