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1st Day at BVI: Great start to a Great Week

Yesterday was a long day of travel. We had to be at the airport by 5:45 in the morning, where we sluggishly met up with Mr. Waits outside security. After parents snapped countless photos of us, barely functioning, we went through security which was actually pretty painless; except for the fact that I put my carry-on in the...

BVI days 4-5: Night and Day

The day began with a hearty breakfast of cereal and granola bars, after which we loaded up the boat and headed out to Jesuit Reef for our day of coral planting. First we had to scout out some areas of coral to fragment and replant in our reef. We looked for bleached coral, preferably separated from the rest of...


Today we woke up and pretty immediately made our way down to the Internet cafe for a breakfast of massive donuts and an introduction to turtle snagging from Dr. Gore. We learned about their migration patterns as well as some of the history of "turtleology" (I'm told that's the technical term). After that, the group split up into our...

BVI 2: Best Day Yet

This morning I discovered that the rooster, who yesterday was so intent on disturbing our sleep, cannot be trusted as a reliable alarm clock. It was nowhere to be found at 5:30 in the morning, but fortunately my cabin mate Dylan woke me up at around 6:45. After a breakfast of banana-nut bread and cereal, we headed down to...

Brendan Legas

1. I thought that it would be a fun, unique experience, and I enjoy learning about biology. 2. I am an Open Water Certified Diver with a Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty, but I have not been on any ocean dives yet. 3. I am really looking forward to the night dive and seeing diverse species of aquatic life.