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BVI Blog Day 2

Today I was woken by 3 chickens, balking at me through the panels of my room at 6:45. After that we went down to the cattle guard (the section of ground cut away with bars on top so cattle can't walk on it) and waited for our taxi. We got to the Olde Yard, ate breakfast and did and...

BVI Blog Day 1

Last night I set an alarm on my phone for 7, but at 6:59, a chicken sitting right outside my shutters started shrieking and woke me up before my alarms could. I got up, took a shower, and got ready to go to Olde Yarde for orientation. We took a taxi over to breakfast and got a rundown of...

Day 3 – Presentations

-Ecotourism is dangerous for wildlife because it damages important habitats for local species. The reconstruction effort for wildlife habitats should be a combination of both the companies the provide tours, and the local government institution. -Invasion of alien fish species is dangerous to fish species because it disrupts local food chain patterns, and alien fish can ruin coral reefs, because...

Day 2

The organism I studied over the weekend was the Moray Eel. Moray Eels are easily identified by their long, thick, snakelike bodies. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and tend to stay in dark corners and recesses of coral reefs during the day. They can sometimes be seen with their heads poking out of holes and...

1st Blog

We learned about global warming and the affects it has on the world's ecosystems.