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Day 3- Fish Identification, Great Dog Dive, and Night Snorkel

This morning, to the bafflement of my ears, I was awaken by not Mr. Kirby's soothing voice, but Rihanna's "We Found Love" blaring from his iPad. However, apart from this oddity today was the best day in the BVI yet. First as usual, we started the day with some mouthwatering bacon-infused breakfast. Laura, one of our many talented dive...

Day 2- Turtle Tagging and the Baths Snorkeling

Today I woke up once more to the familiar calming voice of Mr. Kirby. The early sun lightly touched my face as I walked to the morning meeting spot. We once again took a cab to a delicious breakfast and meeting that set the tone of the day. We begun with exercises strait out of a yoga book, peacefully...

Day 1- Orientation and Recreational Dive

Upon waking up this morning in a warm and humid Virgin Gorda environment, not many of us knew how fun and exciting the first day would be. After eating breakfast, we discussed our schedule and things we learned in class that could be implemented in our later diving. We ate lunch and were off to our first activity....

Day 1

Had some issues with the blog but they're all fixed now. Uploads to follow

Interesting Articles

Article C: Ecotourism positively affects awareness and attitudes but not conservation behaviours: a case study at Grande Riviere, Trinidad Ecotourism can have negative effects, exploiting a culture for commercial gain. This leaves people wondering, should the government or should the ecotourism firms bear the responsibility of maintaining focus on the environment, and not a people's culture. Article D: Marine invasive...

An Interesting Marine Organism

What is a Basslet? Basslets are mostly found in the Western Atlantic and thrive around reef systems. Basslets are very colorful, but don't let their playful patterns fool you, they can become very territorial. They feed on zooplankton and small crustaceans. An adult basslet is typically two inches in length and loves darting in and out of reef structures.

Day 6

Above: a group of hardworking students researches sea fans and sea whips What have we learned today so far? - How climate change can effect coral reefs and the surrounding wildlife - the ethical issues involved in whaling and the excuses some groups give for whaling