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Day 4

Day 4: Day four began with yet another early morning but we were greeted with a nice drizzle while we were waiting for our taxi. Once everyone was loaded up ion the taxi we headed to the docks, instead of the olde yard, for a little breakfast. After the breakfast we loaded up the boats and headed for the...

Day 3

Day 3: Day three began with the usual early morning but everyone made it on time today. We loaded up the taxi and went to the olde yard for a good breakfast. After breakfast, Laura taught us all about different marine life and what to look for when we were diving. After her lecture everyone got back into the taxi...

Day 2

Day 2: Today started off with another early morning that proved to be too early for some people. Many people showed up late to the usual morning meeting spot. Whenever everyone was there we loaded up the taxi and headed to the olde yard where we met up with our dive guides and had a good breakfast. After breakfast Casey...

Day 1

Day 1: Today started with an early morning, and a little orientation from the owner of guava berry. After the brief orientation we went to breakfast where we met our dive guides, Laura, Casey, Jeff, and Brian. We were given guidelines and rules for diving and for on the boat. We were split up into to groups for each boat,...

What I learned

Artificial reef vs natural: I learned that a lot of things including tires can be effective artificial reefs. I learned that artificial reefs are just as effective if not more effective then natural reefs. I learned that artificial reefs are a much quicker solution than natural reefs. I learned that even if the artificial material begins to decompose that it's effects linger...

Box fish

Box fish have boxy bodies made up of thicker scales used for protection. Due to these thick scales they move slowly through the water. Box fish swim in a rowing manner.

Pic of the class

I have learned many different things about different types of fish and species of the BVI including: grouper, barracuda, angelfish, and sea whips.