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Day 3 in BVI 2nd Dive

Today was our second dive and we went to Savannah Bay for snorkeling to start us off. There we saw many of the different types of fish and coral that we discussed earlier in class. Among these being being fire coral, fireworks, sea eggs, lettuce slugs, rock urchins, sea urchins, and many more. To top-off the day we...

Day 2 In BVI 1st Dive

We had our first dive today in the BVI. Our group saw life immediately after decent.two lobsters were spotted by our instructors Jeff and Laura to me and my partner Matt Mills. After about five or six minutes we sphere already spotting groupers which are endangered in these areas. Jeff speared two lionfish during our dive with his speargun....

Third Blog

Today several people presented their topics and reviewed their chosen research articles in front of the class. - Ecotourism in Trinidad is positively viewed by the people and is thought to help the animals. They believe that they are protecting them from people who are trying to hunt them when really the very presence of the people themselves are causing...

Second Blog

Boxfish The Ostraciidae, otherwise known as the Boxfish, belongs to the family Tetraodontiformes and is similar to the fishes that we know as pufferfish. Ostraciidaenare known for their box-like body shape that is formed because of its large flat scales, their octagonal patterns on their scales, and the form of defense that they use through toxins that are secreted through...

First Blog

Today I presented my topic with my group over global warming and climate change. We discussed how these climate changes could affect coral reefs and the marine life living within them.