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Savannah Bay

Today we snorkeled in savannah bay, I thought the small coral environments were the best to experience the majority of species. I saw all different types of fish, corals, and sponges from the beautiful loud eating parrot fish to the millions of spiky sea urchins hiding in the rocks. The coolest fish was the grey ray I...


During dive one I got to see a basic marine habitat up close. I saw many different fish one In particular in my picture is the silver fish with a bright yellow stripe, this is a yellow tail snapper, it is a carnivorous fish and travel in schools. I also saw the different relationships between...

Articles C, D, E, F

For the first article I feel ecotourism has hurt the marine environments and the creatures that inhabit them more than benefited them. We as human don't realize the harm we can cause when investigating various ecosystems like coral reefs damaging the coral themselves leaving their inhabitants homeless. For the second article I completely agree that these foreign creatures...

Parrot fish

The parrot fish lives in many tropical oceans and seas and lives in coral reefs they thrive on some different fish and coral. They can grow to be a foot long and they're correlation to parrots is their beak. They use their beak to scrape algae and chew their food.


In this class we learned about global warming and its negative effects on marine species population and migration We also learned about the different species in the bvis such as angle fish and damsel fish We also discussed the plate of the earth and how there movement can creat damaging volcanos and earthquakes