Day Five Marine Bio 2


After breakfast this morning we headed to the harbor to start loading the dive boats. This morning we had a two tank dive scheduled at the Kodiak Queen wreck and Coral Nursery. The Kodiak Queen is an amazing wreck, the ship served its life as a supply ship and was present at the Pearl Harbor Bombing, and continued its life as a cargo ship. After local artists created a metal kraken it was sunken to become an artificial reef. Even though this is a new reef with little coral on it the art work creates a new kind of environment for the divers. After our surface interval we geared up and got ready for our longest dive yet, the Coral Nursery. At the Coral Nursery we were tasked with cleaning and cataloging the coral trees. It was nice to be able to take part in the coral reef restoration, and know that I did my part in trying to save a dying species. For lunch today we ate on the boats and had a diving competition from the control tower of the boats. This afternoon we snorkeled and learned about the mangroves in the BVI.