Today I want to start my blog a little different than most days. Today I would like to start this blog off with a thank you to everyone that made this week possible. Thank you to my parents and dive BVI and all the chaperones and everyone at Jesuit that made this trip possible. I am very thankful for the opportunity that was given to me this week it truly is a life changing week. Now back to the blog. Today started with breakfast and another ride from our homie Glen to the marina. At the marina we loaded the boat with all of our supplies for the day: tanks, BCD’s, food, water etc. after loading and preparing our equipment we set off for the Kodiak Queen which is a sunken WW2 boat with a huge man made octopus on top of it. The Kodiak Queen is also one of the only ships that survived Pearl Harbor back in the 1940s and was converted to a supple ship for the islands. After the Queen was retired Richard Branson and local artists went to work on creating a perfect sight for a man made dive sight. The Queen was beautiful underwater it was teaming with life. The dive took around an hour and we even got to swim inside the ship and see what was left behind and it was very eerie. After this dive we ventured not more than 5 minutes down the shore line to the BVI’s coral reef nurseries. The purpose of these nurseries is to collect damaged coral and provide a safe environment to live and grow until they are ready to be transplanted back onto established reefs. At the nursery we cleaned all the algae and fire coral on the pvc pipes that the corals are attached to. This dive was over an hour of cleaning and is some hard but gratifying work. After finishing cleaning the nursery we headed towards the mangroves to have lunch on the ocean with the other dive boat. Lunch was a ton of fun because we got to do flips and dives off the top of the boats. We then ventured into the mangroves to observe the sea life that resides within their roots. It was very interesting to see the baby animals that live in the protection of the roots. After that snorkel the majority of the day had concluded and we headed home for some nice and well needed beach time. I am currently writing this blog with my toes in the sand looking out on the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to in my life. I’m so glad I could come on this trip again and I hope maybe one day I’ll come back to the BVI.