Day Three Marine Bio 2


Today my old cabin Mango served breakfast. After, we dove Mountain Point and Coral Gardens, both very diffrent dive sites. At Mountain Point we encountered several stingrays, a turtle, and a school of creole wrasse. We then moved on to our second dive site the Coral Gardens, this is a wreck dive. The wreck here was a purposely sunken airplane, that is now covered in coral and clams. A strange sea creature called a Mr. Marr caused skewed data results as we conducted our experiment. After our dives we returned to harbor to have lunch when I laid my eyes on my dream boat, a 70 foot fishing yatch. In the afternoon we had the annual Jesuit Beach Games, our cabin started out strong and won the Games in the tie breaker for first place. Following the games we had hamburgers on the beach, and prepared for the night snorkel. On the night snorkel we saw tons of squid, flounder, and a tarpon. Some people even got stung by jellyfish.