Day One Marine Bio 2


The flash backs of last years amazing trip came to mind as our house rooster woke us up. After having our normal breakfast plus eggs that the teachers had made, we headed down to the harbor. While loading the boats with tanks of air and gear, we learned who our group’s dive leader was, Beth. We did our first dive, our check out dive, at Bronco Billy. The water was amazingly clear, but mildly cold. After taking a quick surface interval with some snacks and swimming, we cruised over to a dive site called Chimney. The dive site is called this for its rock formation that looks like a rock climber’s chimney. On our dive we saw some amazing fish like the rare Nassau Grouper and a Nurse Shark. After our dives we headed back to the harbor and had some sandwiches. When we returned to the resort we were told we could have two hours of free time as long as we stayed in groups of three or more. Thats when Dawson, Zach, and I decided to go do a quick snorkel trip at the beach. We then had our meeting with our dive leaders about our research project and made sure we had all our necessary equipment and finally we had a nice evening mass at St. Ursula.