Day 4 Marine 2


Day 4 in the BVI and it was our time to make breakfast, which turned out great. After breakfast,  we went down to the docks and went on our first snorkel of the day at Mango Bay We went to a small beach on the island and looked for invertebrates in the shallow water. We found small sea pearls inbetwen the corals, sea urchins, hermit crabs and two small shrimp. After bringing back the prizes, Zach, Evan and I went back out to find more, and less than a minute in, we found a conch shell with and octopus inside. The dive masters had never had this happen before so it was a first for everyone. Once everyone came on land, we went through a book and talked about the different things we found. Then we returned to the docks to eat lunch which were sandwiches prepared by ourselves. Tehe it was our turn to go out on the boat and attempt to catch turtles in Little Dick’s Bay. It didn’t seem promising we would see any because the reovirus group only saw 3. We went out there and within two minutes of being in the water, I saw a hawksbill sea turtle. I chased it but it was just too fast. So I went to where I caught my turtle in the previous year, and in the same spot, I saw 4 turtles eating with each other, 3 large green turtles and one small hawksbill. I chased the hawksbill first for nearly ten minutes and he ended up escaping into the shallow coral. Then I turned around and got out of the coral, and saw a green turtle hiding in the sea grass. I began to chase him and realized he had already been tagged, which brought back empires from last year. I continued to pursue the resilient animal, and it led me toward another turtle which I then chased because it was smaller and I though it would be an easier catch, but I thought wrong. I chased him for well over 20 minutes, and right as I dove down to grab his shell, he had one big push and my hand slid down the back of his shell, but I continued to chase him I followed him again, but he did the same as the last one did and smal directly through the shallow coral filled with fire coral and urchins, into the ocean. After we returned to the boat, we drove to the next cove over, and we all were dragged behind the boat with ski ropes, Zach, Julian and I were on one and we didn’t see anything, but Evan did on the other side. He saw a small green turtle and chased it around, and it was coming up for air, but dove back down and out of our site. After an eventful snorkel, we returned to the docks and drove back to the houses where we were given an hour to work our project and finish the day with a documentary of the coral decrease.