Day 4-Week 2-Cole N.


The day started like any other with us going to a cabin to have breakfast prepared by others. When we finished with our breakfast we had to head to the commissary in order to watch a presentation on turtle tagging, and afterwards we had to jog down to the cattle guard to catch our taxi to the marina. When we got to the marina half of us got off the bus and climbed aboard our boat the “Sea Monkey” and went out to look for turtles to tag in Little Dick’s Bay. The plan was that once we caught a turtle we would bring them onto the boat tag them then release them back into the water. When we got to the bay we had to put on our fins, mask, and snorkel then swam around looking for turtles and though we saw some turtles we weren’t able to catch any because any time we got close they would just dart away really quickly. Eventually we gave up and moved to another area, and for our next attempt we basically got dragged behind the boat looking at the bottom of the sea. The problem is that we had to keep one hand on our snorkel to keep us from swallowing water and the other on the rope to keep us moving forward. This was not enjoyable as I had gotten water in my mask and I couldn’t get it out because both my hands were occupied. This happened till noon then we went back to the marina for lunch and to switch groups. After lunch the groups switched so we got on the bus and headed to a beach to look at different invertebrates. When we arrived there we walked down a hill to the beach we got our snorkeling gear and snorkeled around looking for invertebrates’ and when we found some we put them in some clear plastic jars then identified them using a guide. After all this we returned to the marina picked up the rest of the group and returned to the resort. To end the day we worked on our project for an hour then watched chasing coral.