Day 3


This morning it was our cabin’s turn to serve breakfast. This means we get to wake up early and set up breakfast for the rest of the guys. After that ordeal was done we were ready to set out for the rest of our action packed day. 
Our first dive was at Mountain Point which gets its name from being at the base of a mountain but also at the north most point of Virgin Gorda. On the dive we did more research just like yesterday. We didn’t see much due to strong current but we did see an octopus that was hiding. At the end of the dive I got a squeeze in tooth so I had to come up and missed the second dive but my group carried on.
After coming back from diving we played dome beach games. We won the first event but didn’t do so hot on the rest. The hardest for me was the relay race at the end because of the long swim in the middle. 
Next we went on a night snorkel. Despite a bunch of us, myself included, getting lit up by jellyfish, we pushed through. We saw several squid, two octopi, a tarpin and some sleeping parrotfish. We got flashlights so it was very easy to see when someone had spotted something. This made me very excited to go on night dives in the future when I go with my father and sister. 
I am looking forward to the turtles tomorrow and the greater growing of bonds between myself and my Jesuit brothers.