Day 3-Week 2-Cole Nelson


The day began like the other two with us waking up early and getting breakfast at another cabin. After we finished with our breakfast we met with the rest of the group at the cattle guard at the front of the resort. After we had gotten to the marina we retrieved our tanks and BCDs and got on the boats, and headed for the dive sites. The first dive site that we reached was called the chimney because of how the rock formation in the area is called a chimney in rock climbing. During this dive we made little headway in our project because there was a heavy current and we only found one sponge but the flora and fauna looked amazing. Our second dive was called bronco billy because when you went through a certain cave it apparently felt like you were riding a bucking bronco; however, we did not go through the cave because we apparently would have some trouble getting back. This dive went much better because we were able to get 9 data samples, but we didn’t see many fish. After the dive when had some fun by jumping off the second floor of the boat into the ocean. When we got back to the marina one person had left the dust cap off their regulator so the entire boat had to do 20 push-ups before we had lunch. After we came back to the resort we worked on our project for an hour then went to the beach for some games which we came in last. After that we had some barbecue for dinner then did a night snorkel where we saw some flounder, tarpon, and two octopus while diving.