Day 3 Marine 2


The star of day 3 in the BVI, the soreness starts to set in. After four hard dives and some snorkels, the more sleep we need. We woke up and walked to the Mango Cabin to have more cereal and listen to the day’s plan. Then we went to finish our research dive in the morning. We went down to over seventy feet and saw four stingray then came back up to about 40 feet to finish the cleaning station observations. Then, we went to our next dive site, Coral Gardens where they had intentionally  sunken a small aircraft for fish and tourists. We saw little large fish, but we saw hundreds of bar jacks schooling around the plane. After the dive, we came back to land and ate sandwiches the same as we had on day 1. Then we went back to Guavaberry and prepared for the beach games. In the beach games there were five competitions, my team, the Marine 2 Team form the Lime Cabin were in second going into the final event. The final event was a relay race which everyone had to run and swim around the beach. Our team preformed perfectly and won the event. But when the judges came out, we had tied with the Plum Cabin and had to go into a tie breaker. The challenge was a wheel-barrel relay race with two people. Our Cabin again performed perfectly and turned out on top of the leader board. After our victory, we ate dinner then went on a night snorkel where we saw an octopus and a tarpon swimming in the deep dark ocean blue.