Day 2 Blog


Last night, I went to bed with high hopes and expectations for the second full day of the trip, but nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced today. Breakfast was fairly pedestrian, and consisted of fruit loops, fruit juice, and granola bars, but it would turn out to be the only pedestrian aspect of the day. After traveling to the marina and setting up our gear, we set out for our first dive, which was to take place off of Ginger island. This dive provided us with several noteworthy sights, including but not limited to three Caribbean reef sharks, a stingray, a lionfish, a barracuda surrounded by a school of several hundred boga, and a fairly large school of creole wrasse. The second dive, also off of Ginger island, had its fair share of highlights as well, such as a large nurse shark, a sizeable red hind, and several dog snappers. Following the dives, we embarked on perhaps the greatest adventure of the day: an exclusive trip to Necker Island, where we were given the opportunity to play with lemurs, tortoises, and flamingoes. The amount of happiness I felt when handling the lemurs was the most I had experienced in a very long time, as the lemurs loved me more than most people. Tomorrow will need to be seriously amazing to compete.