Day 2-Week 2-Cole N.


The beginning of Day two was similar to the beginning of day 1 in how we woke up and went to breakfast at 7:45; however, this time is was served by the group in the plum cabin. At 8:30 we left for the marina with all our gear in tow including a couple of syringes of our Project. When we arrived at the marina we grabbed two tanks then got onto the boat and went off. The first dive that we went on was called ginger’s backside because it was on the opposite side of ginger island that most of the other sites were at. At this site we started our project which involved us injecting a food dye into the water near the base of the sponge and timing until we saw it come through the walls on the inside, but we decided to discard the results of the first test because we messed up the timing. The second dive was off cooper island and its name was called cistern Point where we also worked on our project but this time we knew what we were doing so it went well. During the second dive we saw a group of tarpons. After we finished our two dives we returned back to the dock and went to the turtle and barrel to have lunch. After lunch we returned to the resort then walked to the baths national park then snorkeled back to the beach by the resort.