Day 6


Today me and Robbie woke up early to serve breakfast again with Charlie and Nelson and had a great last breakfast in a cabin. After we went down to walk to the high school just up the street for our service project. The high school which Casey explained was the main school on the island with one building being the elementary and the other building being the high school with them being several underfunded. They all also told us about how much of a service we were doing by providing these kids with a library and a computer room and a beautiful garden and trees. The service project which I told doc about halfway into it was the most efficient project I have ever done and the most fun I have ever had on a service project honestly it was awesome. What my job was for the whole 3 hours was filling cans with soil from another huge bucket of soil about 3 times the size of the ones we were filling. We had the hardest job (in my opinion) in the whole project but after a while me Sam and Charlie and some others who helped got the hang of it and were filling 4 buckets at a time which was very efficient. The soil that we poured into the buckets were then brought up by people a story higher by pulling on the ropes attached to each of the buckets. With them pouring the buckets of soil on the floor with one side being gravel and the other being soil. After the project we were very thankful to have lunch at chez bamboo again which was great and then after we walked over to the dive shop where i bought. A pair of sunglasses and a hat which were very cool. Then glen drove us back to the cabins for the last time with us having about an hour and half to shower and practice our presentations that were to start at 3:30. Luckily the two groups before us took more time then we expected so we had plenty of time to practice and know what we were going to say and which slides making sure not to leave anything out. Personally I think we did the presentation very well with just a couple tweaks recommended by the dvive staff and teachers that could have been better but overall such as making our graph directly connect to the hypothesis with us making an axis with the algae coverage and the other with the total amount of fish even though they appreciated how we gave the variety of fish on each site. They also were very interested in the symbiotic relationship we noticed between sand fish and wrasse which we observed where wrasse cleans the fishs teeth in exchange for food and nutrients. I think everyone including myself did a good job on the presentation and was happy about it. After we went to dinner a the very nice cafe down the road on the left all the way down with them serving us a buffet including ribs mac and cheese, and rice with beans. After dinner the dive staff made a very nice picture slide presentation and gave very nice speeches on how their experience has been in the past week. It was a great time for the last night here in the Virgin Islands with all us having a lot of fun and happy but still sad to leave tomorrow. We leave tomorrow morning for Puerto Rico then Dallas and I am so grateful for the amazing time I have had here in the BVI.