Day 6 Blog


Starting off this morning we went off to eat breakfast, then got the sun screen ready because today we weren’t going dive. On the agenda for today was our service project and our presentations over our projects that we did on our dives. This time we didn’t take Glenn to get to our destination, we just walked. We went to the local school and we had a brief meeting about our service project with UniteBVI, and the landscape artists for Richard Branson’s island. Today we were setting up a library, a computer lab, and putting flowers in new garden beds. We separated up into separate groups to do individual tasks, I was assigned to move dirt into buckets which were put into different buckets. After spending an hour and a half moving dirt into buckets I was asked to crawl under a deck to help cement the structure pillars into the ground. Being generous I’d say we had around 1 foot of space under the deck, a tight fit for sure. Finishing up the service project, everything started coming together and looking beautiful, and hopefully the kids coming back to school can enjoy it when the time comes. It sure was an eye opener to see how privilege we are at Jesuit, and how lucky I truly am in life. When we finished our service we went to the Bath and Turtle with Glenn and grabbed some grub, I had the quesadillas this time. After lunch we stopped by the DiveBVI shore where I grabbed a SICK hat. Finishing up at the store we headed back home to start presenting our projects, which took forever. I’d say our project went well, we were able to give ample information and answer the questions given to us. In short we talked about the number and diversity of fish in relation to the algae. Once we finished our presentation we had a quick Q&A and we were done. After presentations we went to the Top of the Baths to eat dinner as a squad. We had a buffet comprised of ribs, chicken, rice, mac n cheese, fruit, and vegetables. The chicken and the ribs were juicy, succulent, and tasty. Once we ate dinner we came together and had a fun talk with everybody where we watched a quick movie of photos taken over the week. Following up the video Casey and the crew gave us some final words and sent us on our way back to the cabins, where I’m sat here writing this blog.