Day 5


Instead of diving we spent the day snorkeling. First, we spent three hours searching for turtles to tag. After a long time of searching and coming up with nothing we decided to be towed by the boat holding on to ropes, this allowed us to cover a lot more area. Once we spotted a turtle we went in and tried to capture it but we came up short as the turtle managed to get to waters too deep for us to free dive. Exhausted we took the short walk to The Bath and Turtle, a local restaurant and had our lunch. We then went to savanah bay to snorkel and collect invertebrates. We saw all sorts of animals, noteworthyones were sea urchins, a sea cucumber, and a conch. My favorite was a single called organism called a sea pearl. It’s a clear sphere about the size of a ping pong ball that filters salt water and contains fresh water. After snorkeling we came back to the houses, showered and immediately went to the internet room to work on our project prestations. Tonight we had Mexican for dinner and had a really interesting and nerdy conversation about evolution. Later we had an extremely long and constructive group reflection about subjects like racism and sexism and how to deal with them in our everyday lives.