Day 3 (07/18/17)


Today started off bright and early as my cabin (Plum Tree) was in charge of making breakfast for everyone on the trip. We decided to splurge, unlike the seniors, and actually produced edible food known as eggs. Soon after breakfast, we geared up for our second day of project dives and headed out to Georgedog island where we record data for four more barrel sponges. After this, the boat headed over to the “chimney” where are group decided to measure a different sponge. This sponge was known as a tube sponge and has many small tubes rather then one larger one. We found that this type of sponge expels the dye much quicker. We then headed back to Gorda where we ate delicious sandwiches again for lunch. We then headed back to the villas and took a rest as we prepared for the cabin beach games. In the end, after a hard fought battle, my cabin took the “dub” and walked home with free hats courtesy of the “Dive BVI” staff. After this, we ate delicious hamburgers and poem sausages that were grilled by Captain Rupert. Finally, we ended the night with an exciting night snorkel. The night snorkel consisted of gathering flashlights then heading out in the areas near the beach. On the dive, we found pufferfish, octopi, squid, and lobsters. Finally, we head back to the wifi room and fought through the slow, slow speeds to write this piece.

Today I learned about types of sponges other than barrel and how they flow water compared to barrel sponges.

Tommorow I look forward to tagging turtles and exploring urchin stocked reefs.