Marine Biology Trip Day 3 – Connor Lehman


Today was our third day of diving and our second and final day of project dives. Our goal for the day was to finish collecting data for our research project of measuring the filtering speed of barrel sponges. At our first dive site, George Dog Island, we found four barrel sponges and collected our data, which gave us enough data to use for our final project. We were able to complete our goal for the day in one dive. On the second dive site, The Chimney, we were no longer working on our project and just had fun testing other types of sponges with our dye. We tested multi-tubular sponges and other various types to see the different ways the sponges filtered water. We also entered the Chimney again like on our first dive, which was cool to be able to swim through and see again. After we came back to Virgin Gorda and ate lunch, we went down to the beach and participated in the annual Jesuit BVI Cabin Beach Games. The first 4 games consisted of pictionary, a blindfold obstacle course, sand-burying, and assembling scuba gear. Our cabin did not do to well in these initial contests, averaging about third place in each event out of four cabins. However, the final game, a difficult and very tiring obstacle course, was worth more than all of the other events. Our cabin placed first in this event with time to spare, and we ended up winning the entire competition. Our prize was a free hat from the gift shop. As the day progressed and we ate hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner, we ended the day with a night-time snorkel. We saw a lot of interesting nocturnal animals, such as sea urchins, lobster, octopi, squid, and eels. I even got poked by multiple needlefish during the snorkel. Overall, it was a very tiring but exciting day. 
During our dives, our group was able to further disprove our hypothesis and further gain evidence that sponges with smaller diameters filter water faster. We were also able to gain all of the necessary data to complete our research project for this trip. Not only project data, but I also gained more information about marine life at night and the many differences that exists between the two times of day. Later in the trip, I am looking forward to more underwater activities and the turtle tagging tomorrow. I am also looking forward to more team activities such as the Beach Games.