Day 3


Today the first site we went to dive was great dog island . In the dive we saw spotlight parrotfish, wrasse i saw only one blue parrotfish and a school of these dark blue fish near the shore. But overall at this site what me and Keegan noticed was how bleak the reef was due to a lot of coral bleaching and just dead soft and hard coral near the shore. The closer we got to the shore the more coral tissue we saw floating around from the rotting dead coral which was a hard sight to see. And so was the lack of thriving marine life replaced with more sights of rock which was once soft coral than actual algae an coral. This however was just the sight we saw near the shore since I could not see about 60 feet down where the divers were which seemed to be a very different story with many parrotfish and damsel fish but a lack of wrasse. There were some very interesting fish we saw though that we could not identify with very vibrant colors and strange patterns the second site was bronco island and was my personal favorite with some of the most vibrant colors I have seen in the past few days with also me realizing the fluroscent colors of the coral which means they have tried to block the sunlight and save themselves at the last minute before ultimately dying most likely which I learned yesterday from the fascinating documentary we watched. The habitat my group picked on the dive was conveniently barely 10 feet down and one of the most thriving marine life in the whole reef with me and my group observing for 10 minutes with me and my group members recording the numbers of fish and the overall marine life ecosystem which to me was the healthiest and best out of all the sites we have visited with a lot of elkhorn and stag horn coral although we did see many dead and bleached elkhorn coral a lot close to the shore which the divers did not see since after they went deeper away from it. Also I have to mention the thousands of small jellyfish that were just floating around on the surface and going with the current which was very scary at all times honestly but nonetheless a great site. Afterwards we had lunch then had a fun but extremely tiring beach games with the cabins with our cabin getting last but it was alright. The we had an amazing and filling dinner and a night snorkel where we saw this crab and an amazing octopus which we saw change color and texture in front of our eyes which was incredible also the underwater flashlights were awesome. Most tiring day yet but stil, looking forward to the Turtle tagging and everything going forward.