Day 4


Once again we began our day with two project dives. Today’s dives weren’t as good most of the aera we searched was full coral, a lot destroyed, and few fish.  After lunch we had two hours to relax and get ready for our beach games. After our team lost the first few games we were in third place going into the final event. The final event was an exhausting relay race that consisted of spinning, rolling, running, and swimming. Our team came back and ended up winning the entire “tournament” because of the bonus points we got for winning the final event.after the games we all cooled down and and talked for a long time in the water. After swimming we grilled brauts and burgers and eat on the beach. At night we went snorkeling and saw animals that we would have never seen in the day.  There were a squid, porcupine puffer fish, and giant lobster. My favorite was the Caribbean octopus, the way it moved along the ocean floor was amazing to watch.