Day 3


The day started at 7:00 because our cabin had to prepare breakfast this morning. I was charged with making the eggs which was difficult due to the lack of butter and Pam so the eggs won’t stick to the pan. Luckily the eggs turned out pretty good due to a large amount of salt and pepper.  Personally I think that our breakfast setup was the best so far. Today we dived at Bronco and chimney in search of cleaner shrimp stations for our project. For the first dive we spent a large amount of time trying to find the small crustaceans hidden under rocks and coral. Once we found them there were very little fish around and the only fish that showed up were things like damsel fish and grunts. During the second dive our quest for cleaner shrimp was a failure so we just switched to cleaning wrasse which we found very easily and there were plenty of fish being cleaned. On the way back to the boat we did see a lone cleaner shrimp but we couldn’t stay because of our depleting oxygen. After watching the documentary last night I saw the corals today in a different light. Now that I know what a dead coral looks like I’m starting to see more of it during the dives which is really shocking. After the dives we had beach games which was a competition between the cabins and my cabin won by winning the last challenge that brought us from being tied for last to first. After the beach games and supper we went on a night snorkel. The snorkel was truly breathtaking. We saw many things including porcupine fish, squids, octopuses, and these small little fish called needlefish. The needlefish were very annoying because they kept stabbing us with their sharp mouths.