Nature is lit


I just got back from a night dive and man, that was spooky, but before that let’s recap the dives, well to start off, we finished our data collection for our project, and after that our group decided to do some exploring in the chimney, to be met with tons of sergeant major and yellow striped grunt, then we got off the boat and ate a hearty lunch of a ham sammich  and cheetos, we returned later to the cabins were I took a nap, and then the beach games began! Which was incredibly exhausting, although my team did come in 2nd, so that’s pretty neat, then we ate some tasty burgers and went on a night dive, which I saw a huge pufferfish an octopus, which changed patterns and colors, squid and lots of bioluminescent plankton, which would light up the area in front of my mask, so then, we returned here in the commisary, and I’ve finally calmed down from all of those needlefish stabbing me in the chest.